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Earn, register, and collect all in one place. Simple pricing, no hidden fees. No waiting for payments! Earnings direct to you as you sell.

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Sell more tickets. Earn more money. Save more time!

Easy-to-use Sales Management Tools

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  • Sell and manage tickets, registrations, and merchandise.
  • Beautiful custom-branded event pages and a super streamlined checkout means more sales!
  • Free for free events. No extra surcharges. Just a low monthly fee when you earn online.
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Earnings direct to you. Get paid while you earn. No extra surcharges.

Did we mention, no extra surcharges? Earnings direct to your bank. Payments direct to you through Stripe.

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  • Fast checkout means more sales for you.
  • No waiting to get paid until your event is over!
  • Receive daily payments through Stripe.
  • Free for free events and cash-at-the-door tickets.
Fast Checkout


Get the word out! Track which sales channel works best.

Powerful Event Marketing Tools - Exclusive to WeVite Business Plans

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  • Unlimited custom tracking links for your promoters.
  • Highlight your event sponsors with logos and links.
  • Your branding, not ours.
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Save time! Setup an event ticketing page and start earning within minutes. Easily manage the door with fast check-in QR codes.

Fast and Efficient Event Management Tools

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  • Create your ticketing page in just a few minutes!
  • Streamlined check-in using your mobile phone with fast scannable QR codes.
  • Search for attendees and tickets right from your phone.
  • Have group members help manage the event with custom security permissions.
Group Permissions


Get to know your attendees. See your earnings live. Grow a vibrant community!

Data Management Tools

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  • See sales instantly on your event dashboard.
  • Ask custom questions on the ticket checkout form.
  • Track which promoters get the most pageviews and sales.
Group Permissions

Start earning today with cash at the door!

Photo of an animated event check-in desk. A line of customers eagerly waits to pay their entry fee. The staff. The check-in staff graciously accepts cash from attendees. The background hums with anticipation. The desk showcases vibrant event-themed decorations, hinting at the fun to come.


Perfect for cash only events

Free for a lifetime

  • Earn with cash at the door
  • Create public events
  • Create public groups
  • Paid Memberships
  • Custom brand
  • Shopping cart
  • Tacking links & codes
  • No ads
Photo of an animated event check-in desk.