WeVite vs. TicketSpice

Should you pay $0.99 for a cash at the door ticket? TicketSpice thinks so. We don't agree.

WeVite is Free for free events. Free for cash at the door tickets. Simple pricing, no hidden fees. Get paid fast, and direct to your bank account.

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Compare WeVite and TicketSpice

How does WeVite stack up against TicketSpice? When it comes to customer engagement, pricing, ease of use, a sleek modern look, and more, WeVite is the perfect alternative to TicketSpice!

Comparison at a glance

Comparison at a glance
Simple, low cost subscription.
Simple, low cost subscription.
No extra fees or surcharges.
No extra fees or surcharges.
Use your own payment provider.
Use your own payment provider.
Sleek, modern, and professional look and feel.
Sleek, modern, and professional look and feel.
Seamless, one step checkout process.
Seamless, one step checkout process.
Free for free events

Simple, straight forward pricing to save you more

TicketSpice charges you* ---
  • a $0.99 per ticket surcharge
  • even when that ticket is cash at the door
  • plus a credit card processing fee when customers pay online
We think paying any fee for offline tickets is ridiculous.

has no extra surcharges.
Zero. Nil. Nada.
Free for free events. Free for cash at the door tickets. We only ask for a low, flat, monthly subscription when you earn online.
Sell more than 50 tickets per month? You save money with WeVite.


No long explanation needed.


WeVite is Free for free events and cash-at-the-door tickets.

$50/mo when you earn online + Stripe's base transaction fees. No extra surcharges from us!

$300/mo when you need business-level functionality, like custom branding, embedded shopping carts, and tracking links & codes.

Get 2 months FREE when you pay a year in advance.

60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

All payments direct to your bank, as you sell. No waiting.

*Pricing comparison is based on TicketSpice's published US ticketing fees as of December 2023. Some numbers rounded for simplicity. Please visit TicketSpice's website for complete and up-to-date pricing information.

Free for free events

Sleek, modern, mobile-first design

In 2024, your events need more than a single static webpage. The need for quality and ongoing customer engagement is at an all time high. While TicketSpice offers a slew of event page templates, that's the end of your customer's journey.

 features a beautiful mobile-first design, plus business and group pages to keep your audience engaged.
  • Simple and elegant event pages capture the attention of your customers.
  • Streamlined, one-step buying experience means less abandoned carts and more sales for you.
  • Your branding at the top of every page builds trust and engagement with your customers

In just 3 minutes, discover how easy it is to set up your first event!

Free for free events

Your brand is essential to your business

While TicketSpice has some pages where you can put your logo at the top, that's the end of it. It's just one static page. No event history. No preview of upcoming events. No business profile. No memberships.

Seeing a rich history of past events and exciting upcoming events encourages people to engage with your brand and your community.

You run a business. Your brand builds trust and recognition with your attendees, communities and customers.

With WeVite 
Business, promoting your brand takes center stage. Out with our logo! In with yours.

We believe you'll love our solution so much, that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Just email us and let us know you're moving on.

Plus you'll get incredible tools to help grow your business:
  • Unlimited custom tracking links and QR codes to see live sales and measure which channels are selling best
  • Streamlined shopping cart and payment buttons to seamlessly copy-paste into any website where you sell or advertise
  • No ads on your pages other than your own events, products and services
  • Paid memberships, community management, privacy settings, and much, much more
What to learn more? Book a meeting with a WeVite expert today. We're happy to help!

Free for free events

Exceptional customer service that's here to help

 is here for your every step of the way.

From the moment you sign up for a free account, we're available by phone, chat, or email. Schedule a meeting with us anytime! We look forward to getting to know you.

Start earning today with cash at the door!

Photo of an animated event check-in desk. A line of customers eagerly waits to pay their entry fee. The staff. The check-in staff graciously accepts cash from attendees. The background hums with anticipation. The desk showcases vibrant event-themed decorations, hinting at the fun to come.


Perfect for cash only events

Free for a lifetime

  • Earn with cash at the door
  • Create public events
  • Create public groups
  • Paid Memberships
  • Custom brand
  • Shopping cart
  • Tacking links & codes
  • No ads
Photo of an animated event check-in desk.