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It only takes minutes to setup event ticketing and start earning. Simple pricing, no hidden fees. Get paid on time, and directly to your bank account.

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A ticketing solution that helps you earn more

No contracts. No extra fees. Get paid fast.

If you're tired of high fees, being locked into a contract, and getting paid after your event is over, WeVite is the solution you've been waiting for. It's your business, and our mission is to make event ticketing seamless for you and your attendees. Fast, reliable payment processing is essential for cash flow and financial management. WeVite doesn't hold on to your earnings. Connect your Stripe account and have earnings sent fast and directly to you.

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How we are different from competitors

Vs. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is costly and makes you wait until after the event to payout. WeVite is invested in your success. Super simple pricing. Payments direct to you, as you earn. Free for cash tickets, and $0 in third party ticketing fees when you earn online with Essentials, saving you boku bucks.

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Vs. Ticketleap

You already pay the credit card companies enough money. Ticketleap takes an extra surcharge on every ticket you sell. WeVite is Free for cash tickets, and has no extra ticketing fees when you earn online with Essentials. Let's keep your budget simple!

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Vs. TicketTailor

TicketTailor uses a confusing "credits" system, leaving you to guess how much you're spending and how much you should pay in advance. WeVite has simple, straightforward pricing. Free for cash tickets. $0 in extra ticketing fees when you earn online with Essentials.

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Vs. TicketSpice

TicketSpice sounds cheap, until you pay extra for your own payment processor, pay $0.99 for each free ticket, pay for email, pay to scan people in at the door, pay to learn about your clients, and pay for your own domain name. If you have more than 50 attendees per month, WeVite saves you money. Running free events? WeVite is completely free.

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Vs. Cvent

While Cvent is packed with features, be prepared for a steep learning curve and even steeper prices. With WeVite, you can get started for free, and only pay a small monthly subscription when you transact online. Plus, our software is super easy to learn. You can have your first event ticketing page ready in just a few minutes.

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Vs. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is great for large complex events, and you'll need a large budget, and a support team to manage the software. You'll need a custom quote and onboarding time. WeVite is streamlined to meet your event ticketing and registration needs. Start earning within minutes. It's free to get started, and no contracts.

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