Grow Your Business Through Events & Online Sales

With WeVite you can earn, register, and collect all in one place. Simple pricing, no hidden fees, change to your business needs anytime you want.

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Tools for growing your Community

Earn, collect, and register, all in one place, everything you need for your events.

Save Time

Save time with fast event check-in. Our mobile friendly check-in pages provide QR-Code scanning allowing you to quickly register all your attendees using your phone.

Save Money

Save money with Stripe Connect. Start selling on your event or group pages without extra hidden fees. Everything is included with your WeVite subscription.

Grow With Ease

Grow with easy member and group management. With group pages you can grow your brand with event listings, event calendars, membership, and more.

Respect Your Brand

Respect your brand with white labeling. With a look that matches your personal brand. Design beautiful event pages that give what your attendees need.

Save time

with fast check-in QR codes

Use your phone to easily check-in your attendees without a downloaded app. WeVite uses your phones built in QR code scanning to check-in attendees through your browser. Confirm cash payments for attendees or checkout them at the door.

Event Checkin

Earn more

with super simple checkout

Friction during the checkout process causes you to lose customers. WeVite helps you earn more with high sales conversions through our simple one-step checkout process.

Fast Checkout

See the growth

and track sales instantly

Always stay up to date on your sales. WeVite has live dashboards for each individual event, and your whole account. If you like, we'll even send you email updates for every sale!

Event Dashboard

Connect with your community

through easy group and member management

Manage your membership with ease with quick email invites, free or paid memberships, and member permissions. Show your group’s events with a event calendar and on your group’s landing page. Make it your own with a white labeled landing page and so much more.

Group Permissions

Start earning today with cash at the door!

Photo of an animated event check-in desk. A line of customers eagerly waits to pay their entry fee. The staff. The checkin staff graciously accepts cash from attendees. The background hums with anticipation. The desk showcases vibrant event-themed decorations, hinting at the fun to come.


Perfect for cash only events

Free for a lifetime

  • Earn with cash at the door
  • Create public events
  • Create public groups
  • Paid Memberships
  • Custom brand
  • Shopping cart
  • Tacking links & codes
  • No ads
Photo of an animated event check-in desk.