Get to know your attendees. See your earnings live. Grow a vibrant community!

Create unique promoter QR codes, tracking links, and shopping carts.

Build Your Community: Insightful Analytics for a Vibrant Event Experience

Unlock actionable insights and foster connections with every event.

Craft memorable experiences by understanding your audience and tracking your growth.

Event Dashboard Event Dashboard

Ask insightful questions during the checkout process

Biographical and demographical information

Free form notes for attendee questions and needs

Custom questions with AI suggestions, coming soon!

  • Receive customer's input to improve event planning and attendee satisfaction.
  • Provide a space for special requests, dietary restrictions, or accessibility needs.
  • Anticipate attendee preferences through AI-driven insights to craft questions tailored to your audience.

Get to know your community

Build lasting relationships

Discover how community members can help each other

Tailor your events and content to match your communities interests

Free for free events
  • Segment your community based on interests, behaviors, or demographics for targeted interactions.
  • Use data-driven insights to design events and content that cater to the specific preferences of your community.
  • Foster a sense of belonging by recognizing and celebrating community achievements.
Free for free events

See growth in real-time.

Instant insights

Data-driven decisions

Easy financial management

Free for free events
  • Live event dashboard with ticket sales and recent orders.
  • Quickly see current balance and next earliest payment date.
  • Advanced analytics and APIs available through Stripe.
Free for free events


Get the word out! Track which sales channel works best.

Powerful Event Marketing Tools - Exclusive to WeVite Business Plans

Mobile Event Image
  • Unlimited custom tracking links for your promoters.
  • Sell anywhere with our shopping cart and measure which sites sell best.
  • Build an active mailing list and keep in touch with your community.
Event Dashboard

Access advanced analytics for financial planning

Your business data at your fingertips

Built-in reporting tools for instant insight

Extensive custom reporting with Stripe's reporting tools

Explore Stripe's Revenue and Finance Automation

  • Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition
    Stripe Revenue Recognition streamlines accrual accounting so you can close your books quickly and accurately.
  • Sigma Sigma
    Instant answers powered by SQL. Stripe Sigma helps businesses quickly analyze their Stripe data and to enable teams to get faster business insights.
  • Data Pipeline
    Instant answers powered by SQL. Stripe Sigma helps businesses quickly analyze their Stripe data and to enable teams to get faster business insights.

Build an active mailing list and keep in touch with your community

Direct engagement and cost-effective communication

  • Directly reach the inboxes of your community, ensuring your messages are received by your audience without the noise.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty through regular updates builds a great relationship with your audience, and trust and loyalty to your brand.
  • Custom order form questions empower you to personalize communications with specific segments of your attendees.

Sell with anyone and anywhere with our embedded shopping cart.

Copy/paste into any website, and sell instantly

Distribute to promoters, partners and media channels to maximize your outreach

Transacting directly where your customer is means more conversions

  • Style the cart and buttons to match your brand.
  • Give the code to channel partners to put on their website to sell your tickets.
  • Drive sales conversions by empowering customers to buy instantly without leaving their current content.

Savvy People Save Thousands with WeVite

No extra surcharges

At just $50 per month when you earn online, we're the clear choice.

See how much you can save today!

Here's how much you'll save when you partner with WeVite

VS EventBrite Pro
Savings per year
$1.79 + 3.7% per ticket, plus a fee between $10 - $160 whenever you sell more than 25 tickets. Ouch!
VS TicketLeap
Savings per year
They "only" charge $1 + 2% of the ticket price, plus 3% for credit card processing. That's 15% on a $10 ticket!
VS TicketSpice
Savings per year
They charge 99¢ per ticket, plus a 1% fee on top when you use your own payment method.

Why such a big difference?

WeVite has

no extra surcharges

Here's our super simple pricing

No surcharges
only Stripe credit card processing fees
Free for free events and cash at the door tickets. A low, flat, monthly subscription when you earn online.
2.9% + 30¢
per successful charge for domestic cards
Custom pricing available for businesses with large payments volume or unique business models.

An easy-to-use ticketing solution that helps you Save Big and Earn More.

No contracts. No extra fees. Get paid fast.

is Free for free events. No extra surcharges. A low, flat, monthly subscription when you earn online.
  • Free for cash at the door tickets
  • All payments direct to your bank, as you sell. No waiting. No extra surcharges.
  • Your branding at the top of every page builds trust and engagement with your customers.

Earning with WeVite is breeze!

With no extra surcharges, super simple pricing, and an easy-to-use all-in-one platform; you deserve a vacation.


Head over to the registration page and sign up for a free account. It only takes a minute!

The software is incredibly easy to use. Create an event page. Add cash at the door tickets. You're ready to go!
Want to see how easy it is? Check out this short video.

WeVite is completely Free for free events and cash-at-the-door tickets.

No long explanation needed. It's free.

Stripe pays direct to your bank account, and fast!

Stripe offers daily, weekly, monthly, or manual payment options for businesses to receive payouts and funds will be received according to the payout schedule.

Your security and convenience is mission #1 for us, so we've partnered with Stripe for all payment processing.

Stripe is an industry-leading payment processor. You can have confidence that Stripe is super secure and has some of the lowest credit card processing fees around.
Stripe sends money direct to your bank account, typically with in a few days of the transaction.

You work extra hard to make your events a success. You deserve to keep what you earn.

We are delighted to offer you no extra fees on all tickets.
No surcharges.
Only basic Stripe credit card processing fees.

Start earning today with cash at the door!

Photo of an animated event check-in desk. A line of customers eagerly waits to pay their entry fee. The staff. The check-in staff graciously accepts cash from attendees. The background hums with anticipation. The desk showcases vibrant event-themed decorations, hinting at the fun to come.


Perfect for cash only events

Free for a lifetime

  • Earn with cash at the door
  • Create public events
  • Create public groups
  • Paid Memberships
  • Custom brand
  • Shopping cart
  • Tacking links & codes
  • No ads
Photo of an animated event check-in desk.